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End of the Evening

The executive would like to remind everyone that we have a commitment to depart from the premises by midnight. Please be aware that we will be coming around to begin clean up at around 11:30, but this should not be taken as a signal to leave early.  We encourage you to stay and dance until midnight if you choose to do so. 

Dance Etiquette

Please follow the "line of dance", which is counter-clockwise around the floor.

Some music may suggest more than one style of dance.  When dancing a more stationary dance such as Cha Cha, Jive, or Rumba, stay in the middle area of the floor so that others who are dancing a travelling dance such as Foxtrot, Waltz, or Tango can travel around you on the outside of the dance floor.

Allow more experienced dancers to use the outer-most path around the dance floor.

It is courteous to dance with those who ask you.  If you decline, it is appropriate to not dance until the next selection.

If you accidentally collide with, or hurt someone on the dance floor, sincerely apologize.

On a crowded dance floor, avoid doing moves such as lifts, throws, or wide sweeping arm and leg extensions.  Use common sense so you don't trip or ram into other dancers or cause accidents on the floor.

Remember, you can do a variety of dances to some songs.  It is never "wrong" if people are doing different dances to the same song.  Let the music move you in the way you want it to!