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Classic Dance Club Board Members for 2019-2020
left to right: Barry Frost Vice President, Betty Reynolds President, Robyn Kernot Secretary, Bill Derksen Financial Officer, Sheila Dupuis Member at Large, Harvey Schneider Member at Large.  Missing from this photo: Celine LaPointe Member at Large, Ann Patience Member at Large

                What a GREAT Annual General Meeting we had!
There were 24 in attendance!
                          We wanted 2 more board members and we got 3 more!

       In his President's Report, Harv recognized each individual board member's contributions this past dance season and thanked them on behalf of the club.  The board presented Rowena with a farewell card expressing their gratitude for her contribution to Classic Dance Club and the Saskatoon Dance Community.
Harv explained that the board's focus this year has been making Classic Dance Club welcoming, friendly and fun, especially for new comers. 
       DanceTacular 3, our next dance, is coming up on Saturday July 6 at Danceland in Manitou Springs. It is actually the first dance of the 2019-2020 dance season and we want it to be a huge success!  You will get another chance to practice the Cotton Eyed Joe circle mixer! The people at the AGM offered many suggestions for promoting DanceTacular 3 in Saskatoon, in the towns near Watrous and even in other dance clubs.  You can help by inviting your dancing friends to come with you.  Manitou Springs Resort has some rooms reserved until Friday June 14 for our dancers who may want to stay overnight and enjoy the mineral pool.  To book a room just phone 306-946-2233 and tell them you are with DanceTacular.  See you soon on the floating dance floor at Danceland!
It looks like we are heading for
another terrific dance season!

               Spring Gala Dance               
Gala Dance Performers
Left to right: Ken and Tanya Wiebe did a Waltz,
Arash Farazmand and Tanya Dauvin did a Tango,
Ken Glover and Marian Scott did a Viennese Waltz
Many thanks to the performers!
Their beautiful dances made our Gala a very special night!