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The CDC came into existence in 1985 with founding members Lisa Rebalkin, Mary Barton, and Gladys Robson, along with the support of Garry Rebalkin and Dennis Barton.  An organizational meeting and election of the first Executive Committee was held on March 14, 1985 with approximately 40 people attending.  The CDC was incorporated on August 22, 1985.  The first CDC dance was held on July 5, 1985 at The Travelodge, with 128 people attending.

The primary goal of the CDC is to provide a pleasant, social atmosphere for the sharing and enjoyment of ballroom dance on a regular basis.  The CDC hosts approximately one dance per month, including an Annual Ball in May. We have had guests attend from all over the province, the country, the USA, and from other countries such as England, Japan, Germany, Columbia, and more!


The CDC Constitution was passed on June 17, 1985 and has had approximately four revisions since then.  The most recent update to the CDC Constitution was in 2007.


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each June.  The primary purpose of the meeting is the election of the Executive Committee.  You must be a member to attend the AGM.  A Nomination Committee is struck each year to seek names of members to fill the Slate of Officers. Member support, input, and feedback are appreciated.


Lessons are offered 45 minutes prior to most regular monthly dances.  The lessons are designed to suit the majority of the people attending. Lessons are not meant to replace regular dance lessons at other studios/clubs - nor to compete with them!  The emphasis is on socializing, having fun, practicing, and perhaps learning something new. Lessons are currently taught by volunteer instructors who are often members of the club.


In the summer of 1997 the Music Selection Committee was reinstated and reorganized.  Music is screened and selected by The Music Committee and then recorded and added to the CDC's music library. The CDC holds a Socan as well as a Connect License to comply with copyright laws.  To date, the music library consists of well over 1000 titles.

Notable Members

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize a few long-time members of the club - past and present, as well as current members who have been with the club since its inception:  Gordon and Ellen McInnes, Wen and Susan Liaw, Beth and Kelly Baumgardner, Joe Beckwermert, Garry and Lisa Rebalkin, Janice Brace, Joe and Lily Chin, Shirley Finell, Lloyd Zyla, and Adelaide Hergot.  We are truly grateful for their support!