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Current Club Executive
Classic Dance Club is a registered non profit organization. All Executive members and dance lesson Instructors are volunteers who donate their time and skills for the benefit of our dance community.
Board members for the 2019 - 2020 dance year are:
                  President - Betty Reynolds
                  Vice President - Barry Frost
                  Secretary - Robyn Kernot
                  Financial Officer - Bill Derksen
                  Members at Large - Sheila Dupuis, Harvey Schneider, Ann Patience, Celine LaPointe
Dance Music
Our music is carefully selected for the tempo and character of each type of dance. Paper copies of the playlists including song title, artist name and suggested type of dance are available on the tables for your reference.  Dancers are encouraged to provide their feedback for the music selections by writing a rating number for each piece of music right on the playlists.

Our dances are smoke free, alcohol free and cannabis free.  Water, coffee and a light buffet style lunch are available during the evening.  Rowdy or obnoxious behaviour is not tolerated.