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The Classic Dance Club (CDC) is a friendly, social, non-smoking, ballroom dance club.  The CDC is a registered non-profit organization.  A typical dance evening consists of an hour long basic, informal lesson; social dancing; a light lunch; and more dancing!

Executive Committee

The executive Committee exists to organize the dances and maintains the operation of the club.  The current Executive Members for the 2018 - 2019 dance year are listed below:

President - Harvey Schneider
Vice President - Betty Reynolds
Secretary - Robyn Kernot
Financial Officer - Bill Derksen
Members at Large - Barry Frost, Rowena Sylvester; We are in need of two more MALs!  Your name could be here!

All positions on the Executive are volunteer.  Instructors of the dance lessons are most often members of the club and teach gratis (thanks!). The Music Selection Committee, members of which are all part of the Executive, meet to listen to, select, and record music for the dances.